How’s your sex life?


I get a lot of comments from people that say their marriage is great, except for their sex life.Well, I'm sorry, but that just does not fly with me. If your sex life is bad, then your marriage is not great.So if your marriage is not as sexual as you … [Read more...]

Wife, Understanding Your Man


Many women believe that men think with the wrong head, and to some extent this is true. Men do think about sex several (hundred) times a day. It’s natural; it’s just the way we are wired. But contrary to this idea, sex is not all that men care … [Read more...]

Why do Men Fear their Wives?


As I have mentioned in other articles, the men on the corresponding forums to these materials are nothing less than awesome. I want to share an article written from one of these men, and one of the several men that I am proud to now call my friend. … [Read more...]

Sex and Selfishness


Most marriage relationships start the same way. Two people fall in love, and make a decision to spend the rest of their lives together. Each believes that the other will be able to provide them with all that they want and need from a partner. They go … [Read more...]

The Program


I have received e-mails from many men who say that they are very skeptical about investing in an internet program that promises to turn their marriage around. Like me, they may have read about a hundred relationship books, a thousand internet sites, … [Read more...]

Modern Technology and the Emotional Affair


The modern world is a very different place. With e-mails, cell phones, texting, face book, and twitter it is easier than ever for people to stay connected to friends and family across town, or around the world. Families no longer rely so much on each … [Read more...]