Do These And Have A Happier Marriage Tonight


1. Be loving enough to INSPIRE your spouse to be loving. 2. What seems natural to you as a lover probably doesn't work the best for your spouse. In fact, it may well be the case that your spouse wants nearly the opposite of what you're doing...or … [Read more...]

Two Kinds Of Marriages. Which One Is Yours?


Of all the married people in our world, what percentage of them do you suppose are happily married? Here in America, we know that statistics say the divorce rate hovers around 50%. So, does that mean that half of married people are blissfully … [Read more...]

3 Simple, Easy Tips to a Happier, More Fulfilling Marriage…


Commonly, men and women hold a distinction in their minds between themselves and their marriage. Their personal self is one thing and their marriage is another. Perhaps this makes sense at certain levels, but when a marriage has fallen short of … [Read more...]

The 4 Reasons YOUR Marriage Isn’t As Satisfying And Happy As You Would Like For It To Be


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Husband, Tired Of Plain, Boring, Uninspiring Sex With Your Wife?


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Husband, What Does Your Wife Say About You To Other Women?


Befriend the typical husband long enough for him to get comfortable with you and he will soon enough start talking about things he is unhappy about in his wife. She doesn't want sex often enough. She doesn't take very good care of … [Read more...]