How To Flirt With Your Wife

Flirt with Wife

Let's suppose for a moment that you learned the art of being a man who consistently flirted with his wife in a way that she found very enjoyable and fulfilling... Just how much do you imagine that would impact your marriage relationship for the … [Read more...]

The PSF’s That Lead To High-Frequency Sex

Funny couple laughing with a white perfect smile and looking each other outdoors with unfocused background

A woman who is sexually attracted to a man has one set of PSF's. A woman who is turned-off by a man has a very different set of PSF's. What are PSF's? PSF is an acronym for Pictures, Sounds, and Feelings. Now, let's start with … [Read more...]

How Do I Seduce My Wife?


The husband who wishes to enjoy sex more often must get clear on the fact that his wife is not interested in any kind of an offer where she loses. In other words, a man's wife will almost always reject a seduction attempt if she in any way thinks, … [Read more...]

Husband, Tired Of Plain, Boring, Uninspiring Sex With Your Wife?


Are you a husband who wishes your wife was more affectionate and more intimate with you? Are you a husband who is tired of plain, boring, uninspiring, unenthusiastic sex with your wife? Do you wish there was more real enthusiasm, feeling, … [Read more...]

When It Comes To Sex, Should A Husband Listen To His Wife?


Husband, let's suppose for a moment that you wanted a little more affection, intimacy, and sex between you and your wife. So, let's imagine that you ask your wife what she needs from you so that these things can happen. What would your wife … [Read more...]