How Do I Seduce My Wife?


The husband who wishes to enjoy sex more often must get clear on the fact that his wife is not interested in any kind of an offer where she loses. In other words, a man's wife will almost always reject a seduction attempt if she in any way thinks, … [Read more...]

Here’s What You Need To Know About Penis Size and Female Sexual Satisfaction

Unzip jeans

People the world over assume that certain things are true when in fact there is nothing true about them.One such false-assumption that causes problems in relationships everywhere is the myth that a bigger penis is better.There seems to be this … [Read more...]

Find Out What Penis Width Your Woman Prefers


In my business of helping men create a hot and steamy marriage, I commonly encounter men who are overly-concerned about their penis diameter (often called girth) because they feel like the fit in their lady's vagina is a little "too loose".I always … [Read more...]

Do You Wish For A More Satisfying And Fulfilling Marriage Relationship?


What value, benefit, and blessing does your spouse gain from being with you? What is it that you bring to your spouse that really augments, enhances, and improves their life? What do you offer your spouse that is significant and meaningful to … [Read more...]

Wife Reveals Secret Thoughts About Sex With Husband


I recently received an email from a wife that is chock-full of insight that EVERY husband should be aware of. Especially important about this email is that it BUSTS a destructive myth that many husbands subscribe to...the one that goes like this: … [Read more...]

Do These And Have A Happier Marriage Tonight


1. Be loving enough to INSPIRE your spouse to be loving. 2. What seems natural to you as a lover probably doesn't work the best for your spouse. In fact, it may well be the case that your spouse wants nearly the opposite of what you're doing...or … [Read more...]