The Mystery of Female Ejaculation… Solved!

Female Ejaculation

First the background story... It started with a girlfriend. We were out parking one night and I had her backed up against the passenger-side seat of my pickup with me standing up outside and I was do'in her. We were both having a great time when … [Read more...]

Want A More Harmonious Marriage? Then Read This.


Far too many marriages have become complex, emotionally-driven interactions of disharmony and discord. And there is such a simple, easy way to make all of that disharmony and discord go away... But, it does require that one set aside all false … [Read more...]

What Is Love? Happily Married People Say It Is…


What is love? Well, unhappily married people would say it's that "magic" feeling that "just happens" between two's not something you can consciously's that "spark" that's either there or it isn't. And, with a definition … [Read more...]

Do You Wish For A More Satisfying And Fulfilling Marriage Relationship?


What value, benefit, and blessing does your spouse gain from being with you? What is it that you bring to your spouse that really augments, enhances, and improves their life? What do you offer your spouse that is significant and meaningful to … [Read more...]

Wife Reveals Secret Thoughts About Sex With Husband


I recently received an email from a wife that is chock-full of insight that EVERY husband should be aware of. Especially important about this email is that it BUSTS a destructive myth that many husbands subscribe to...the one that goes like this: … [Read more...]

Do These And Have A Happier Marriage Tonight


1. Be loving enough to INSPIRE your spouse to be loving. 2. What seems natural to you as a lover probably doesn't work the best for your spouse. In fact, it may well be the case that your spouse wants nearly the opposite of what you're doing...or … [Read more...]