How to Build a Stronger, Happier, More Fulfilling Marriage (and, you’ve probably never heard this before…)


I'm sure that we could agree that a strong marriage is one that is based on true love. But, how do you "love" someone? How is it that you really do that? For many people, if you take away the sexual aspect of love, what's left in their mind is so … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Woman Out Of A Bad Mood And Into A Good Mood


Listen up men because you're about to find out how to get your woman out of a bad mood and into a good mood, one that you can enjoy being around. First, realize that many women wish their man would help them with their mood, but only if he does it … [Read more...]

The Definition of a Sexless Marriage


How does a husband or wife know if they are in a sexless marriage? Are you in a sexless marriage if you and your partner have sex once a month? Once every two months? Twice a year? What determines if a marriage is a "sexless" marriage? Well, I … [Read more...]

What Every Wife Needs To Know About Her Breast Size And Her Husband

bra size-image

For many men, much of their "manhood" is associated with the size of their penis. For many women, much of their "womanhood" is associated with the size of their breasts. Through the years, I've had a lot of wives say to me, "How would you guys … [Read more...]

As A Husband, Which One Of These Three Groups Do You Fall In?


In relation to their wife, married men generally fall into one of three groups. Two of these groups predictably encounter marriage relationship failure...two of them inevitably experience a loss in affection and intimacy. Only one group of husbands … [Read more...]

7 Tips To Getting More Sex For Men


Over this past week, a lot of guys were sexually rejected by their wife or lady as they heard her say, "I'm too tired." or, "I'm not in the mood." or, "Is sex all you ever think about?" Maybe you've already tried helping out more around the house. … [Read more...]