How The Power of Your Mind Affects Your Marriage

Thoughts Affect Marriage

It's inevitable; your spouse does something that irritates you. And then, in the UNHEARD space of your mind you gripe and vent to yourself about how much your spouse irritates you or how mad they make you. You may even go so far as to dwell upon … [Read more...]

How To Flirt With Your Wife

Flirt with Wife

Let's suppose for a moment that you learned the art of being a man who consistently flirted with his wife in a way that she found very enjoyable and fulfilling... Just how much do you imagine that would impact your marriage relationship for the … [Read more...]

Help! How Can I Rescue My Marriage Before We Drift Further Apart?

Marriage Drifting Apart

Does it sometimes seem like your marriage or relationship is turning colder with every passing day? Is it true your sex-life is on a downward turn...and has been for a while? If so, you may be able to benefit from this reply I sent to an … [Read more...]

Dealing With A Slump In Your Marriage Or Relationship? Here’s How To Fix It.

Couple Playing on a Swing --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Relationship problems don't always have to be so hard to fix. In fact, your problems just might be easier to fix than you realize... Here's the thing, sooner or later, all intimate relationships go through a slump where the relationship just … [Read more...]

My Wife Has Lost Her Desire for Sex and Intimacy: A Story for Men

Wife Not Interested 2

It usually goes something like this... They meet and start dating in high-school...or in some cases, in college. After graduation, they marry. She goes to work in a lower-end job...something like teaching...which she enjoys to some extent...but … [Read more...]

Men, This Will Push Your Wife Into Another Man’s Arms

Upset man looking at a computer screen

You can deeply love your wife... To spend the rest of your life with her can be your greatest desire... But, if you possess one certain characteristic, you can be assured that two things will happen: 1. Your wife will first check out … [Read more...]